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BARRK was founded as a registered charity in May 1996.

BARRK is a network of 20 to 30 volunteers covering rural Aberdeenshire north of Aberdeen, and Morayshire. In exceptional circumstances we will accept dogs from anywhere in the north of Scotland including the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. In places where we have no volunteers (apart from Aberdeen where we liaise with DAWGS) we will only home where we can take up a veterinarian's reference (e.g. where a dog has recently died).

We accept dogs for rehoming from individuals whose circumstances mean they can no longer give them a home. We do not take in strays. The most common reasons for dogs requiring new homes are:
-Partnership break-up
-Ill health
-Moving house and no longer suitable accommodation
-Dog unsuitable with the children
but there are also countless others.

There will be a charge of 20 donation towards the cost of fuel and administration for your dog.

Where possible dogs are fostered until a new home is found. A very small number of dogs are kennelled at any of 2 commercial kennels with whom we have year round arrangements. Most dogs on our rehoming list at any time will still be with their original owners.

Individuals contact us requesting a dog. Initial screening is carried out by telephone. We require Someone to be with the dog most of each day (maximum left regularly about 4 hours in total)
A secure garden (if in a village or town or near a busy road)
The dog to be kept in the house as a pet.

Note that we are not often able to home a dog into a home with children under the age of 6 years as we do not always know how the dog will react, and we will not take risks in this regard.

This is CASSIE a much loved successful rehomed dog, but now sadly missed in doggy heaven.


BARRK, 3 Low Street, Banff, Aberdeenshire, AB45 1AU   Tel/Fax: 01261 815373

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